Tuesday, 11 April 2017

DT Diaries Part 5

The Story So Far

In Part 4, I met some new friends and went herbing.

Part 5 Cow Tipping and a New Tipple

Went to a cow tipping demo this afternoon, although it wasn’t afternoon for other people, it seems. Artifex said “Good morning” and I didn’t know whether to say “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” back, lol.

There was only me and Artifex actually went to the demo, the others logged in didn’t know what they were missing. Di explained the game and I got to have a go at it. Artifex also explained about it, which was very nice of him, considering I wasn't his student. It’s a fun, and random kind of game, you push the cow and try and ‘tip’ it, (make it fall over), in a variety of different, (and funny) ways, such as ‘The cow teeters and falls’ and ‘The cow falls over like a tree.’ Some pay, if you make the cow fall over, some don’t. I only had ‘The cow splays all over the ground’ to start with. Shame I didn’t get to keep the facets Di showed me.

         Cow tipping with Superthc and Bitdrago

Had a lovely time the next day, after Superthc logged on, we played cow tipping, I learned some techniques from him and him from me, I also showed him what to do (although it’s not a complex game), because he hadn’t been to the demo etc. It’s not very often the student is teaching the mentor, I thought then, (well, at least not in that way!) In other ways the student can certainly be teaching the mentor. I found out we learn from each other as individuals, and a good way to learn is to teach others. You learn from the experience.

“Would it help you learn techniques if I tried tipping a different cow?” Superthc asked me, helpfully.

“I don’t know,” I said, so we tried it, and found out it did.

Later Kayla and Bitdrago logged on, and we all had a go at cow tipping, and learned some more facets from each other. Soon, a few other people joined in, including Di, TRJ, and a few other random people. Kayla said “Di has created the perfect hangout.” It is a great social game to play, and fun. It gets people playing a game together, rather than separately, and helping each other by sharing techniques etc. You can learn techniques by seeing other people perform them. I like co-operative games :) Then everyone went afk, but was still standing in the cow tipping area after that. It was like an afk party lol, they were still hoping to pick up some techniques. Me and Kayla had a bit of a giggle about that.

At the bar for the Kayla's willow smoothie drink. 

It was all finished off nicely by going to the bar with Kayla, Superthc, Di, and others, and seeing Di and Kayla creating the Kayla’s willow smoothie drink. (It would have been even better if I had understood more at the time, but oh well, at least I saw it) It was created because Kayla had a loss on willow pond that was really not very likely to happen, so it was quite amazing it did, even though it was not a good thing. The drink was made high variance, and usually pays 10btm, but can pay a lot. A sparkling one can win over 1btc. Other sparkling drinks generally can’t. It’s a pretty design cup, which looks like a willow tree, with a little fishing rod. Slightly expensive though. Kinda like Rainy Falls, which is expensive right now :P

(Just had to put that in, lol)

DT quote of the week: Rainy Falls is expensive right now! Said by me, Peter, Marhjan and Telera (multiple times lol).

Monday, 22 February 2016

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Mentor Confusion

This screenshot is funny, so I wanted to post it. Students should listen to their mentor, but mentors should also pay attention to their students, lol. In this case though, it's funnier the way it is.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

A Smile and a Song

Snow White (in the film): What do you do when things go wrong? Oh, you sing a song.
Noq (irl): Let's hope everything goes well then.

Friday, 15 February 2013

More DT Tips

I said 'Lets all tip Peter,' so me and Drakulem did, lol. Fortunately, he was actually afk.

Tipped TRJ because he tried to steal my new student.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

DT Tips

Tipped Emp. Thought he was afk, but apparently wasn’t, so I got tipped by Emp, like ‘You throw the cow over backwards’ lol. That was not quite fair as I can’t do that one on people, I only did ‘The cow tips’ on him.

DT Diaries

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